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MPhil in Biological Sciences by Advanced Study

Name Department Research topic
Giles Oldroyd Crop Science Centre Sustainable Crop Nutrition
Elizabeth Stockdale NIAB Farming systems research, soil science, IPM, including on-farm monitoring.
Stephanie Swarbreck NIAB Plant mineral nutrition: nitrogen from uptake to management at the field level 
Sigrid Heuer NIAB Exploring and exploiting genetic diversity for the development of climate-resilient and nutrient-efficient crops
Emma Wallington NIAB Plant transformation
Tom Wood NIAB Crop improvement, host-pathogen interactions, pathogenomics and the evolution of virulence, downy mildew species
Lynn Dicks Zoology Conservation scientist focused on insect conservation, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and high quality evidence synthesis.
Alex Webb Plant Sciences Molecular Regulation of wheat heading date and chronoculture
Alexander Jones Sainsbury Laboratory Comparative environmentally responsive hormone dynamics - wheat, barley, tobacco, strawberry and medicago
Chris Whitewoods Sainsbury Laboratory Developmental genetics and crop improvement  
Johannes Kromdijk Plant Sciences Reengineering photoprotection to improve photosynthetic efficiency
Beverely Glover Plant Sciences Plant development/flower development or Pollination biology
Julian Hibberd Plant Sciences Engineering photosynthesis for future crop improvement
Eric Ober NIAB Physiology-based breeding for improvements in drought tolerance and water use efficiency in crops
Sebastian Eves-van den Akker Crop Science Centre Natural variation in susceptibility and resistance to plant-parasitic nematodes
Nik Cunniffe Plant Sciences Mathematical modelling of the spread, detection, control and evolution of crop pathogens
Lida Derevina Crop Science Centre Studying the molecular basis of pathogen suppression of NLR-mediated resistance
Kostya Kanuka NIAB Plant virus based functional genomics tools
Charlotte Nellist NIAB Dissection of resistance genes controlling extreme disease resistance in brassica
Uta Paszkowski Crop Science Centre Sustainable crop nutrition through engineering symbiotic mineral uptake.
Jeongmin Choi  Crop Science Centre Crop abiotic stress tolerance
John Carr Plant Sciences Frontiers in insect-mediated virus transmission.
Sebastian Schornack Sainsbury Laboratory Molecular and cellular mechanisms for intracellular plant colonisation
Ian Henderson Plant Sciences Investigating genome structure and recombination in crops
Tally Wright NIAB The past, present and future importance of quantitative genetics in crop science and plant breeding.
Fiona Leigh NIAB Molecular plant breeding and the study of genetic diversity and domestication of crop plants using molecular markers to identify and quantify genotype changes.
Jake Harris Plant Sciences Unravelling the epigenetic basis of plant resilience and memory.
Phil Howell NIAB Pre-breeding – trying to stop the gene-pool from becoming stagnant
Oghenejokpeme Orhobor NIAB Machine learning and big data.
Nastasiya Grinberg NIAB Advanced mathematical techniques for crop science: Machine learning and more.
Natasha Yelina Crop Science Centre Enhancing meiotic recombination for crop breeding
Ji Zhou NIAB Combining AI-powered trait analysis with genetic mapping to advance plant phenomics beyond the state-of-the-art.

Key contact

MPhil Coordinator


Dates and deadlines

Application deadline: 24 April 2024

Funding application deadline: 4 January 2024