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MPhil in Biological Sciences by Advanced Study


Developmental biology is a remarkably cross-disciplinary area of biomedical research that spans traditional departmental boundaries and many different technologies, such as molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics, cell and stem cell biology, imaging and bioinformatics. This field is increasingly significant in the era of readily available genome sequences, because functional studies of development are essential to decipher the roles of many genes, and will be invaluable if we are to reap the benefits of this wealth of new information. A major challenge now is to find more powerful, systematic and quantitative ways of investigating how this genetic information is translated into morphogenetic instructions, and to analyse how these instructions generate and are modulated by the forces that shape tissues and organs. This course embraces the challenge and offers a powerful opportunity to explore processes and mechanisms across a range of developmental model systems.

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Application deadline: 24 April 2024

Funding application deadline: 4 January 2024