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MPhil in Biological Sciences by Advanced Study

Name Department Topic
Catherine Aiken O&G Long-term maternal health outcomes
Thorsten Boroviak PDN Primate embryo implantation, patterning and gastrulation
Steve Charnock-Jones O&G Transcriptional features of the human placenta
Bill Colledge PDN GnRH Neurons and the Reproductive Axis
Miguel Constancia IMS-MRL/O&G Genomic imprinting
Antonio Galvao Babraham Institute Intergenerational predisposition to disease: the oocyte epigenetic legacy
Dino Giussani PDN Developmental origin of heart disease 
Courtney Hanna PDN Epigenetic programming during oogenesis
Naomi McGovern Pathology Immunology of Pregnancy
Claire Meek IMS-MRL Gestational diabetes
Kathy  Niakan PDN Early human development and cross-species comparative embryology
Sue Ozanne IMS-MRL Cardiometabolic health in pregnancy
John Perry Epidemiology Epidemiology and public health connected to reproduction
Wolf Reik Altos Labs Epigenetic reprogramming and cell fate decisions in development
Peter Rugg-Gunn Babraham Institute Developmental epigenetics
Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri PDN Placental mechanisms controlling pregnancy and later life health outcomes
Gordon Smith O&G Clinical maternal-fetal medicine 
Azim Surani Gurdon Institute Mammalian germline
Roser Vento-Tormo Wellcome Sanger Institute Single-cell and spatial transcriptomic approaches to study human development
Erica Watson PDN Basic reproduction, coition, fertilization, placenta development
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz PDN Early embryo development and embryo models

Key contact

MPhil Coordinator


Dates and deadlines

Application deadline: 24 April 2024

Funding application deadline: 4 January 2024